Integrate Dokuwiki with SMF

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I recently needed an integration of Dokuwiki with SMF (Simple Machines Forum). After some research i managed to get it done. Inspired by this thread.

I tested this with SMF 2.0 RC1.2 and DokuWiki 2009-02-14b.

  • Download and install both SMF and Dokuwiki. I separated them using a /forum and a /wiki directory.
  • Get the file smfauth.class.php (version 0.3) from here and put it inside your wiki/inc/auth/ directory
  • Do the following changes in your smfauth.class.php file:
find all instances of memberName and change to member_name
find all instances of realName and change to real_name
find all instances of emailAddress and change to email_address
find all instances of groupName and change to group_name
find all instances of additionalGroups and change to additional_groups
find all instances of dateRegistered and change to date_registered
find all instances of posterEmail and change to poster_email
find all instances of ID_GROUP and change to id_group
find all instances of ID_MEMBER and change to id_member
  • Edit the line in your smfauth.class.php file where it says MODIFICATION REQUIRED (line 32), and include the absolute path to your forum/Settings.php file
  • Edit the file wiki/conf/local.php and change the setting for $conf['authtype'] to smfauth
  • Edit line 78 in smfauth.class.php and do the following change:
AND (concat(',',u.additionalGroups,',') LIKE concat('%,',g.id_group,',%') OR u.id_group = g.id_group)";
AND (concat(',',u.additional_groups,',') LIKE concat('%,',g.id_group,',%') OR u.id_group = g.id_group OR u.id_post_group = g.id_group)";
  • Edit the file wiki/conf/local.php and change the setting for $conf['superuser'] to the name of the superuser group in SMF (@Administrator in German, i'd guess it'd be @Admin in the English version)
  • Add the following line to your wiki/conf/local.php file:
$conf['auth']['mysql']['charset'] = 'utf8';
  • You should now be able to log in using your SMF superuser. Now add correct permissions for the group 'Newbie' (case sensitive) in your Dokuwiki access control

I think that's it, i hope i didn't forget anything. If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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