Gustave Doré - Free Kindle Screensaver Images

written on Tuesday, October 05, 2010 by

With the "Jailbreak" for the Kindle 3, you also have the possibility to exchange the default "screensaver" images provided by Amazon. Although I like the default screensavers, I got inspired by the look of Melody's Piranesi’s Carceri screensavers to create a set of 19 screensaver pictures with some of the awesome engravings by the French artist Gustave Doré.

The original pictures are public domain, the composition of images I created is released under the creative commons license cc-by-3.0. This means you are free to use, share and remix it as long as you link back to this blog entry. (Of course this only applies to the edited versions, not to the images themselves, which you can find on Wikipedia). Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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