Play Rayman 1 on Linux using DosBox

written on Monday, February 22, 2010 by

Screenshot Rayman 1

This is a tutorial to install and play Rayman 1 (the greatest jump'n'run game ever) using DosBox on Ubuntu.

  1. Copy the contents of the Rayman CD to a folder on your computer, e.g.
$ cp -Rv /media/cdrom /opt/games/RaymanCD
  1. Install DosBox
$ sudo apt-get install dosbox
  1. In your dosbox.conf (Usually in ~/.dosbox/dosbox-<version>.conf) set the keyboard layout option to your keyboard layout code (e.g. sg for swiss german layout)
  2. Create a new folder for the Rayman installation, e.g.
$ mkdir /opt/games/Rayman
  1. Issue the following command in your terminal:
dosbox -noautoexec \
-c 'mount c /opt/games/Rayman -freesize 100' \
-c 'mount -t cdrom r /opt/games/RaymanCD' \
-c 'r:' \
-c 'install.bat'
  1. Install Rayman (don't forget to let the setup auto-recognize your soundcard). After the setup, don't play the game, just exit the menu and close the DosBox window.
  2. Put a new file called somewhere on your computer (e.g. on your Desktop)
  3. Add the following lines to the freshly created file:
dosbox -noautoexec \
-c 'mount c /opt/games/Rayman -freesize 100' \
-c 'mount -t cdrom r /opt/games/RaymanCD' \
-c 'c:' \
-c 'rayman.bat'
  1. Make the file executable:
$ chmod +x

Done, now you can start Rayman at any time by executing the file. If the gameplay is too fast, change the frequency to 50.

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