A simple LaTeX Makefile

written on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 by

Today I created a simple LaTeX Makefile based on this tutorial. First of all, this is the first time I'm writing a Makefile, but it seems to work; if I have overlooked anything just point it out to me.

# Makefile to create PDF documents from LaTeX-Files
# Needed software packages: pdflatex, rubber
# License: No copyright, just do what the heck you want with it

all: pdf clean

            for file in $$(ls *tex | cut -d \. -f 1) ; do make $$file.pdf ; done

%.pdf: %.tex
            rubber -m pdftex $<

            rm -f *.toc *.aux *.log *.out

            rm -f *.toc *.pdf *.aux *.log *.out

.PHONY: all pdf clean cleanall
.SILENT: pdf

# vim: set tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 noexpandtab:

This creates a PDF version of each *.tex-File in the current directory using rubber. I chose rubber over directly using pdflatex because it compiles the documents as many times as necessary in order to get all the TOCs and footnotes. Feel free to substitute it with whatever other command you prefer.

Save the code in a file called Makefile and run make to get all *.tex-files in the current directory converted to PDF. Type make file.pdf to convert file.tex to file.pdf. Type make clean to remove all unnecessary *.toc, *.aux and *.log files and make cleanall to remove all PDF documents as well.


  1. Don't use make cleanall if you have other important PDF files in the current directory, they will get removed as well.
  2. Retain the tabs in the Makefile, spaces won't work

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