dwm ssh/screen/irssi notifications

written on Thursday, September 01, 2011 by

I always keep an irssi session open inside a screen session on my server via ssh. I always thought that notifications aren't possible for such a setup. But they are.

  1. In your irssi session, issue the following commands:
/set beep_msg_level NOTICE MSGS HILIGHT
/set bell_beeps OFF

You can save this configuration permanently by issueing /save.

  1. In your ~/.screenrc, add the following lines:
vbell off
bell_msg 'Bell in window %n^G'

3. Tell your terminal to set the URGENT flag when beeping. Add one of the following lines to your .Xresources:

# For UXterm users:
UXTerm*bellIsUrgent: true

# For (u)rxvt users:
Rxvt.urgentOnBell: true

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