Recompile Vim with Python/Ruby Support on Arch Linux

written on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 by

Update 2014-08-21: The vim packages in Arch Linux have been reorganized: The standard vim package should now contain Python support, so the recompile is not necessary anymore.

For my vim configuration, I need a version of Vim that was built with Python and Ruby support. Unfortunately, the default version of Vim that is installed with pacman doesn't support Python/Ruby.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to install the gvim package instead of vim (don't worry, the gvim package also includes a vim binary). But this brings along a huge amount of dependencies that I didn't want on my system, so there's no way around a package recompilation.

To ease the reconfiguration-process I found pacbuilder, a script to easily recompile single packages or even the whole system. Install it using yaourt (or manually if you prefer):

$ yaourt -S pacbuilder-svn

Then rebuild the vim and vim-runtime packages with the --edit option:

$ pacbuilder --install --edit vim vim-runtime

When the script asks you whether you want to edit the PKGBUILD file, answer with y. Then find the first line that looks like this:

./configure --prefix=/usr --localstatedir=/var/lib/vim \
  --with-features=big --with-compiledby=ArchLinux \
  --enable-gpm --enable-acl --with-x=no \
  --disable-gui --enable-multibyte --enable-cscope \
  --disable-netbeans --enable-perlinterp --disable-pythoninterp \
  --disable-python3interp --disable-rubyinterp --disable-luainterp

Edit the configure options to your likings. In my case, I changed the following things:

  • --disable-pythoninterp--enable-pythoninterp
  • --disable-python3interp--enable-python3interp
  • --disable-rubyinterp--enable-rubyinterp
  • --with-compiledby=ArchLinux--with-compiledby="Custom Build ("

Also add python, python2 and ruby to the depends list inside the package_vim() function. Then save and close the PKGBUILD file.

Pacbuilder will now go on to compile and install your custom build of Vim. You can verify it with vim --version on the commandline.

Afterwards, if you want to prevent pacman from auto-upgrading your vim package, you can add vim and vim-runtime to the IgnorePkg variable in /etc/pacman.conf.

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