Debian Squeeze Update breaks Redmine 1.1.2

written on Monday, August 27, 2012 by

I'm running a Debian Squeeze box with Redmine 1.1.2, Apache and Passenger. After a system update that upgraded the rubygems package to version 1.8.x, Redmine was broken with the following error message:

undefined method `name' for "rubygems-update":String

This is due to an incompatibility between Redmine and recent Rubygems versions. The problem can be fixed by downgrading rubygems to a lower version, in my case 1.3.7. You can check the current version with

$ gem --version

To downgrade rubygems, you need to make gem install an older version of rubygems-update. As root, run:

$ gem install rubygems-update --version=1.3.7
$ REALLY_GEM_UPDATE_SYSTEM=1 gem update --system 1.3.7
$ gem --version

That's it, after restarting Apache (or whatever your webserver is), Redmine should work again.

(Of course, a better alternative would be to set up a more recent version of Redmine on a more up-to-date operating sytem. See my Ubuntu / Redmine / Nginx / Mongrel / Supervisord blogpost for a howto on setting up Redmine on Ubuntu.)

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