Creating a Custom TS100 Boot Logo with GIMP

written on Tuesday, September 05, 2017 by

I recently got myself a TS100 soldering iron. When starting up the soldering iron, a little logo is shown:

The TS100 soldering iron with original logo

According to the manual, that logo can be replaced with a custom 96x16px bitmap. I tried to create such a logo with GIMP but initially failed, because the BMP file was saved with color information, which the TS100 does not support. The trick is to save it as monochrome 1-bit bitmap.

Writing the Logo to the TS100

Connect the TS100 to your computer via USB without pressing any buttons. Copy the bitmap file to the storage and name it LOGOIN.BMP. Remove the USB cable, plug the iron back in and your logo should appear.

The TS100 soldering iron with pacman logo

If you are having trouble with the transfer not working properly on Linux, try disabling auto-mount (or simply unmount the automounted drive) and remount the drive with mount -t msdos /dev/sdX /path/to/mountpoint. That seemed to do the trick for me.

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