Converting GPX Waypoints for Skxtraxx Vario

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I recently bought myself a Skytraxx 2.0 Plus (FANET) variometer, a flight computer for paragliding that supports GPS and can display airspaces and waypoints.

Photo of a Skytraxx 2.0 device

To import new waypoints into the device, you can simply drag & drop files ending in .wpt to the device via USB. The file format used is called "CompeGPS".

I wanted to import all Swiss launch sites and landing zones. These waypoints can be downloaded from in GPX and UTM format.

File Formats

This is what GPX looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<gpx xmlns="" version="1.1" creator="Flyland">
        <name>Waypoints (Startplaetze, Take off places)</name>
    <wpt lon="8.74905846" lat="46.95258549">
    <wpt lon="6.83344274" lat="46.33372313">

This is what UTM looks like:

W10000   32T   0480905   5199926   1620  Achslen
W10001   32T   0333252   5133409   1900  Alamon

And this is what the CompeGPS format looks like:

G  WGS 84
U  1
W  BurgMs A 49.2741690000ºN 8.0241517000ºE 27-MAR-62 00:00:00 0.000000 Burg Meistersel
w  Waypoint,0,0.0,16777215,255,1,7,,0.0
W  Bachsp A 49.4582500000ºN 8.7084330000ºE 27-MAR-62 00:00:00 398.000000 Bachspring Dossenheim
w  Drinking Water,0,0.0,16777215,255,1,7,,0.0

As you can see, these are all different formats, so the downloaded files from cannot be directly used on the Skytraxx.

Converting GPX to CompeGPS

Fortunately, gpsbabel – the ultimate tool for GPS file format conversion – supports both the GPX and the CompeGPS formats.

To convert the source file, invoke gpsbabel like this:

gpsbabel -i gpx -f <source>.gpx -o compegps,index=1 -F <destination>.wpt

For example, for the launch sites:

gpsbabel -i gpx -f Waypoints_Startplatz.gpx -o compegps,index=1 -F launch_ch.wpt

You can now drag the resulting launch_ch.wpt file to the WAYPOINTS directory on your Skytraxx, and you should be able to load it using the "Waypoints" menu entry.

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